Our experience at your service.


During the past 25 years we have produced automated systems for a wide range of sectors and applications.

Each automatic machine is developed, designed and built on the basis of the customer's technical specifications and production system, according to principles of productivity, ergonomic quality, ease of use, adaptability to the customer's needs, safety standards and ecological qualities.

A few examples of creations are shown below:

- Automatic assembly machines, usually equipped with automatic holders for mounting spray dispensers, liquid soap dispensers, mini pumps with plastic blades, pads for musical instruments, electric connectors, assembly of metal frames, car parts etc. Most of these machines make tests and assembly checks on line (automatically expelling rejects) for control of 100% of the product.

- Testing machines, for checking the seal of various parts such as the oil tanks of cars, hydraulic and process valves, small electric welded tanks.

- Injection press servo-controlled machines, with automatic holder for inserting the parts to be overstamped in the mould, with simultaneous extraction of the finished product and related testing, including by means of anthropomimetic robots.

- Robotized area systems for handling, palletising, servo-controlled loading and unloading in existing work centres or systems.

- Special-purpose machinery and systems for mechanical operations dedicated to the product, such as machines for cutting special profiles, welding plastic tanks and machining injection-moulded plastic parts, forming lines for corrugating sheet metal, machines for finishing metal parts. Machines with systems for automatic marketing and identification of the parts.