Our experience at your service.


We work only on project basis and we guarantee our customers maximum confidentiality regarding the product to be industrialised and, when requested, exclusive rights in the technology and the automated system specifically planned, designed and built for them.

Our approach is simple and effective. After the first contact with the customer, who gives us the essential data (features of the product, needs for automation, productivity etc.) a feasibility study is done followed by the outlining and planning of the system or machine.

Based on this work, an economic assessment is made and a supply report drawn up giving a detailed description of what we plan to do.

The customer decides to go ahead, the design and development stage starts. The job is completely designed in 3D and the movements can be virtually simulated.

The design is then studied together with the customer, with whom a process FMEA is also made, if requested.

The next step is building, which involves machining of the construction elements and their assembly. The management software of the system/machine is developed at the same time. When installation is complete, testing is done in the presence of the customer's experts and the staff are trained, if necessary.

Every job is delivered turnkey, tested and ready for production, CE certified and guaranteed. The supply comes with an instruction manual complete with assembly drawings, a list of commercial and structural parts, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams, management software and staff training when necessary.

Our basic objective is to satisfy our customers completely and to this end we have undertaken and successfully completed the procedures for certification of the quality system as compliant with ISO standard 9000.