Our experience at your service.


Attrezzeria Trentina is now available on both the national and international markets as a specialised partner for the design and construction of:

- Special-purpose machinery and automatic systems for industrial production, especially automated systems for assembling, handling, servo-control of other machinery, automated systems for mechanical finishing processes, for checking and test runs, robotized automatic systems for loading and unloading of work centres.

- Moulds for cold machining of sheet metal, such as multi-stage, forming, drawing, progressive and transfer moulds.

- Setups and special clamping jigs for automatic machining in the work centres, equipment in general.

Our mission is to design, plan and produce top-quality custom engineered equipment to suit the needs of our customers so as to cut down their production times and costs; we can therefore play a useful part in making your production processes more efficient. We want to place all our knowledge and experience at the disposal of our customers, advising them and proposing solutions for increasing productivity while keeping the costs of industrialization and production low.