Our experience at your service.


Attrezzeria Trentina was started in 1978, based on the experience of the two founding partners, as an artisanal firm for making moulds for sheet metal and it acquired considerable experience in this sector during its early years.

During the Eighties the opportunity arose to create production lines for sheet metal hall doors and wickets and, as time went by, this led us to develop automatic lines and machinery for a wide and complex range of applications in many different product sectors. In carrying out this work we acquired great know-how about solving production problems and were therefore able to increase considerably the range of custom engineered equipment solutions to offer to our customers.

Today we are able to design and produce state of the art and high performance automatic machinery while continuing to make moulds for manufacturing a wide range of products even in very thick sheet metal. It often happens that we can offer customers a combination of both products by building machinery for the automation of industrial processes that can do mould forming and press forming.

We are proud to say that not only do we have countless references in Italy but we have also had success on markets abroad and can boast important references at the international level, with customers in Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, India and the United States of America.