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We design and construct multi-stage, block, drawing and progressive moulds for cold machining of even very thick sheet metal.

We can make the mould carry out special operations such as chasing and automatic insertion and assembly of plastic and metal parts.
Thanks to more than twenty years of experience we can make moulds for producing a wide range of product types, from products with a striking appearance, usually thin, to very thick structural products.

As provided for in our quality management system, every product is checked and tested before being put on the market. Before delivering the mould to the customer we test a sample, which is checked dimensionally, and a report is produced and becomes an integral part of the test report.

All our PRODUCTS, including the moulds, come under Machines Directive 2006/42/EC and they are therefore supplied with an instruction manual, a statement of compliance and the CE Mark.
The picture shows examples of metal strips and details for sectors such as automotive, domestic appliances, building etc.